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The Nobility of the Northern Forests

Duke William of Pineland.JPG
His Grace Duke William of Pineland 
Richard Johnson, 1st Duke of Avalon
Laura Duchesne,Baroness of Roustad


The Princess may, from time to time, issue titles of Nobility. There are only four recognized titles of nobility in the Principality.  The rank advancements include:

  • Duchess/Duke - Rules a Duchy 

  • Countess/Count - Rules a County 

  • Baroness/Baron - Rules a Barony

  • Dame/Knight - Rules a small section of land

The Princess may, from time to time, issue titles of Nobility using the old Norse system which make up the Princess's Hird. The rank advancements include:

  • Jarl - Equivalent to a Countess/Count

  • Lendmann - Equivalent to a Baroness/Baron

  • Skutilsvein- Equivalent to a Dame/Knight

  • Lagmann - Known as the Lawspeaker


Worth clarifying here is that Royal Guards (Huskarls) are made up of Dames/Knights or the Skutilsvein and Nobility of the Principality and are not themselves considered a Noble rank or title .


The Lagmann

Generally, the Ting is overseen by the Lagmann (Lawspeaker). Typically the Lawspeaker chooses their successor unless they resign or die without designating one - in which case; the Princess of the Northern Forests will select someone to officially take over their duties.

Knights, Dames & the Skutilsvein

There are only two Royal Orders of Knighthood in the Northern Forests; the Royal Order of Arctic Knights (the lowest) and the Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests (the highest).  The title of Grand Skutilsvein only conveys nobility if stated in the Letters Patent and them alone. Hereditary Knighthoods are generally quite rare.

Honourary Nobility

The Princess may, from time to time, grant honourary Nobility titles, but they are quite rare and nearly never awarded. When they are, it is granted for the person's lifetime and they are never hereditary. Honourary titles cannot be purchased, transferred or sold and do not grant any legal privileges nor any rights associated with them.  They have no land, no fief and have no feudal duties attached to them. The title of Manorial Lord is one such honourary title

There are no other ranks or distinctions of the Nobility in the Principality that are not listed here.  Titles of Nobility are rarely given and feudal or legal duties & responsibilities attached to them are limited. There are only 52 titles of Nobility available in the principality with one or more feudal duties & responsibilities.

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