The Nobility of the Northern Forests

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His Grace Duke William of Pineland 
The Princess's Royal Guards
The Baroness of Roustad

The Nobility of the Principality of the Northern Forests is divided into several ranks and categories. The rank advancements include:

  • Duchess/Duke - Rules a Duchy 

  • Countess/Count - Rules a County 

  • Baroness/Baron - Rules a Barony

  • Lady/Lord of the Manor - Rules a Manorial Lordship

  • Dame/Knight - Rules a small section of land

There are no other ranks or distinctions of the Nobility of the Principality of the Northern Forests. However, there are many different placenames. As the total area of land increases, so will the number of Nobility in the realm.



The House of Nobility is composed of Peers of the Principality and it is their job function to draft legislation for the Principality in compliance with the Constitution of 01 January 2020. Peers can be of any Noble Rank, but each has only one vote. The Princess is the person who selects and ennobles any Peers of the Principality by Letters Patent. Peerages are either hereditary or for the life of the person.


The Letters Patent, and them alone, will state whether its a hereditary or life peerage. They are also selected at random to preform as Judge of the Princess's Court. There are currently 10 seats in the House of Nobility and that changes depending on the size of the Principality and its respective population at the pleasure of the Princess. In total, there are 26 peerages in the Principality.

Manorial Ladies and Lords

Manorial Ladies and Lords see after the day to day activities of the farms in the Principality. They are essential to the Principality because they manage our food sources. There are currently only 12 Manorial Ladies/Lords in the Principality. This number will change dependent on the number of permanent subjects of the Principality.

Knights and Dames

There are only two Royal Orders of Knighthood in the Northern Forests; the Royal Order of Arctic Knights (the lowest) and the Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests (the highest) . Dames and Knights of the Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests are ennobled at any rank. Grand Cordon Dames and Knights are sometimes, but rarely, hereditary honours. Royal Guards are always selected from these Orders. Virtually anyone can petition the Royal Family for admission into the Royal Order of Arctic Knights.

Honourary Nobility

Honourary Nobility are those people who are granted a title of nobility for their lifetime. They are usually a Baroness or Baron and and generally have a 'placename' to something that is meaningful to them. These cannot be purchased and are generally used for the Honourary Consular Corps at particular ranks. They are not peerages and they do not grant any legal privileges aside from being recognized as a Noble person. Knighthoods and Titles of Nobility in the Principality of the Northern Forests are earned, not sold.