Micronation or Microstate?


For expository simplicity, a Micronation is a small political unit that claims to be an independent sovereign State, but is not recognized by other international sovereign States. The concept of Micronationalism has been mocked, castigated and ridiculed by many people due to those people who create Micronations as a means to have fun, joke around with it, but do not really take it serious. For example, the leader of one Micronation stated, "It's kind of a joke, but it's kinda real." We saw another comment from another well established Micronation leader say, "[...] adult lunatics who believe they’re real nobility gives micronationalism a bad reputation."

Others are formed and become a Mockery of real systems of government when they could have been something great and stand out with the best of intentions, but they don't. It can be difficult to shift through the plethora of Micronations trying to find one that takes being a sovereign nation serious. The vast majority of Micronations are the result of people whom act of children playing a game, and those who are simply mentally unstable. These examples should not be used against those with a real mission of  secession & independence and those with a goal of creating a real, functioning Microstate. Unlike other alleged "Nations" We do believe we are "real" and we are not here to play games, to have fun with it, and take being a real state serious.

What is a Microstate?
History is filled with examples of Microstates that were both recognized and unrecognized. Some were as small as a few hundred acres while others are tens of thousands of acres (e.g. the Principality of Andorra). Some are the result of old Medieval cities (e.g. the Principality of Seborga) while other are simply small villages with a very tiny population. Even neighborhoods have been declared independent such as the Republic of Užupis.  The Principality of Monaco only covers an area of 0.78 Square Miles. Interestingly, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta does not have any land and is considered a Microstate by International powers where only two buildings have been granted the status of extraterritoriality. The Order of Malta also has permanent non-state observer status at the United Nations, has full diplomatic relations, including embassies, with 100 states.

Micronation or Microstate?
The Principality of the Northern Forests is a real place, with real land, and real subjects. We have a Royal family, laws, courts, honours, decorations, and a police force and take being an independent State very serious. While We may have limited interactions in the Micronation world, We simply do not consider Ourselves a Micronation.  Thus, We call Ourselves a Microstate. If an Order of Chivalry can be given Microstate status by the international community then there is no reason why We cannot achieve the same result no matter how many years it takes.