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About the Principality of the Northern Forests...

Full name:  Principality of the Northern Forests (Frystendommet af de Nordlige Skove)
Independence: 01 January 2020
Ruler: Her Royal Highness, Princess Cedrus of the Northern Forests (see the Princess's bio HERE.)
Capital: The Northern Village
Political Divisions: 
1 Grand Duchy, 5 Duchies, 12 Counties, and 36 Baronies
Political System: Semi-Absolute Monarchy
Political Stance (with other nations): Neutrality
Official language: English and Danish
National Anthem: Tyrfing by Danheim (watch video HERE.) (Created by Danheim for Our National Anthem and made into a video by Dajana Heremic)
Slogan: Where Trees Matter

Religion: Old Norse
Time zone: NFST Northern Forests Standard Time (GMT-9)
Currency: Kroner (PKK) 
National animal: Mountain Lion (Cougar)
National (preferred) music genres: Medieval, Nordic Folk

Climate: Arctic - Boreal Forests

National Gemstone: Emerald & Ruby (Emerald cut)
National Precious Metal: Silver
National Bird: Peregrine Falcon
National Tree: Sitka Spruce

The Principality of the Northern Forests is a solitary and simple society deep in the Northern Forests of North America. It's where like minded people can live in peace and harmony with nature as we are meant to.  The modern world is filled with egoism, selfishness, discrimination, racism, hate, violence and control. We Northerners have no desire to stay a part of that type of system. A lot of modern people lack honour - they lack integrity where one is always wondering who is really their "friend" or their "family".

We divide Our society into three broad social classes; the Princely Family, the Nobility & Knights, and the Freepeople. Another wondrous part of a Monarchy is that the freepeople are the ones who, over time, can move among classes based on hard work and merit instead of having social stagnation such as what happens in Republics and those countries ruled by non-hereditary leaders. Within these three broad categories are many gradations and degrees.  These three basic social ranks are ancient, created by the God Heimdall, establishing the proper ordering of any Norse society. Thus, instead of using Jarls, Karls, and Thralls, we use terms such as Royalty, Nobility, and Freepeople. Those in power are expected to protect the honour, prosperity and security of all Northerners. In return, Northerners are expected to support and be loyal to the Princely Family whilst exhibiting all the Noble virtues. The Folketinget is what used to be referred to as a "Ting" where they have limited authority over legislative and judicial matters.


We are peaceful, we grow our own food, have our own water sources, make our own clothing, build our own houses and buildings, and have our own security force comprised of experienced military veterans. We follow the old Gods & Goddesses and believe in equality before the law, that everyone has a fundamental right to pursue peace & happiness no matter who or what they are. There is no discrimination against LGBT people in our borders. We are all Monarchists and we do not believe in Republics, Democracy or voting for arbitrary people to rule for a couple of years so, We have Our own Royal Family, Laws, Courts, and Criminal/Civil procedures. 

We love nature, the forests, and have a deep respect for what the Earth provides us. We hunt, fish, trap, preserve our own food, make leather, craft metal armor, and love life. 

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