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H.R.H. Princess Cedrus of the Northern Forests

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Princess Cedrus was born on 07 November 1975. She was raised near the mountains filled with evergreen trees, cold winters, warm summers and the ocean that beckoned just a few miles away. She spent her summers wandering about the evergreen forests amongst the tallest of conifers. Her family was very formal, strict, and she spent a lot of time tucked away in her bed chamber with her mind wandering, reading stories, looking out her window at the majestic trees wavering in the breeze.

She spends her free time in the forests, mountains and at beaches where she loves to bask in the wonders of nature.  The Princess loves to travel and has been all over the world – Asia, Europe, the Americas and there are still numerous places she desires to visit and experience.  The Princess is an avid reforestation advocate. She has also planted over 125,000 evergreen trees in her life and continues this adventure even today. She enjoys the simple things in life; especially playing her Salvi Mia Harp.  It is quite hard to get an audience with the Princess as she is very reserved the vast majority of the time but has a very authoritarian and straight forward Norse personality.


The Princess attended junior college from 2010 to 2011 earning an Associate of General Studies degree and then again from 2017 to 2018 earning a second Associate of Arts degree.  The Princess attended University from 2011 to 2014 where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice respectively. The Princess has also earned various academic Certificates in areas such as Medicolegal Death Investigations.  She has been pursuing a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice as well. Danish is her mother tongue, but she also speaks Ukrainian and English fluently.


Family History

For expository simplicity, on the the Princess's patrilineal side She is a direct descendent of House Brandenburg-Schwedt which is a cadet branch of House Hohenzollern; who are all Prussian Princes, through the marriage of her great, grandmother Margaret Brandenburg-Schwedt.  She is also an Eastern European Countess in Romania and Her other lineages go back to Danish & English Royalty and Nobility. She has received various Knighthoods from Royalty all over the world 

Be advised, due to the issues surrounding Microstates & Micronations, the Princess no longer accepts any new Knighthoods from Macro or Micronations or States. Interestingly, the Royal Orders of the Principality of the Northern Forests are also Confraternal Orders of Chivalry which, simply put, are Orders of Chivalry attached to a Noblewoman of any rank. These type of Orders have been around for close to 700 years. Currently, the Princess has been honoured with about 20 Knighthoods from Royal Families all over the world ranging from Dame to Dame Grand Cross.


The Princess's Position on Issues

The Princess dislikes the modern world, the modern political structure, the veneration of Republics, and electing rulers. There is no empirically valid evidence that electing leaders actually produces better leaders. Virtually all of human history has been ruled by hereditary leadership (e.g. Chieftainships, Clannism, Tribalism, Monarchies) in some way save the last 125 years. She believes anything outside of hereditary leadership is inferior with very few exceptions and has no desire to engage in any type of diplomatic relations with non-monarchies unless such interaction is beyond Her control (i.e. being forced to deal with a republican government to turn over criminals). Generally, in most cases, other government officials will deal with Republican governments in the Princess's name should such circumstances arise.


Like many Danes the Princess is very opinionated and has a very authoritarian personality; however, She will generally refrain from serious interaction with other people. She believes in equality before the law irrespective of who or what a person is. She believes in absolute justice for victims of crime, that the world has no place for violent criminals in any capacity, and that we should take care of the environment without destroying everything in our human wake. The Princess believes everyone has fundamental civil rights that are inalienable such as the right to free non-hostile, non-threatening speech, the right to petition the Royal Family for grievances, and the right to justice.  She believes that everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness in life so long as that happiness does not violate the law and does not infringe upon the rights of others.


The Princess has an absolute abhorrence to crime and violence and as a result of this, the Principality has zero tolerance for any violent crimes, so it's best to leave the criminal tendencies at the border or you will find yourself arrested, detained and 'removed' from the Principality of the Northern forests - violently if necessary. All Royal Guards are ex-military and possess common law arrest powers thus, they have the legal authority, even under the host country, to arrest you, detain you, and remove you. She believes in securing our borders, limiting visitors and spectators and making sure we have a safe, prosperous country that will last the test of time. The Princess believes in individual privacy, the right to water, access to food opportunities, housing, and safety. All of these are, in the Princesses opinion, fundamental human rights.

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