H.R.H. Princess Cedrus of the Northern Forests

Princess Cedrus Coat of Arms Transparent Background.png

Princess Cedrus was born on 07 November 1975. She was raised near the mountains filled with evergreen trees, cold winters, warm summers and the ocean that beckoned just a few kilometers away. She spent her summers wandering about the evergreen forests amongst the tallest of conifers. Her family was very formal, strict, and she spent a lot of time tucked away in her bedroom with her mind wandering, reading stories, looking out the window and the trees wavering in the breeze. Her love of evergreen trees was a motivating factor that lead her to plant 100,000 evergreen trees as a teenager.


She spent the whole year in the mountains and everyday was a blessing to her. She spends her free time in the forests, mountains and at beaches where she loves to bask in the wonders of nature hiking, walking, and sailing to the small islands off in the distance. She loves to travel and has been all over the world – Asia, Europe, the Americas and there are still numerous places she wants to visit and experience.  The Princess is an avid reforestation advocate. For every tree taken in the Principality of the Northern Forests, 10 saplings are planted to replace it. The vast majority of timber products taken from the Principality are from downed or dead trees. 


The Princess attended junior college from 2010 to 2011 earning an Associate degree at Centralia College and then again from 2017 to 2018 earning a second Associate of Arts degree.  The Princess then attended University from 2012 to 2016 where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice respectively.  From 2019 to 2020 the Princess earned a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice.  The Princess has also earned various undergraduate Certificates in Mediolegal Death Investigations and Paralegal Studies specializing in Criminal Law. She speaks Danish and English fluently praising her patron Goddesses Hel everyday, thanking her for the beautiful world she lives in.


Family History

On the Macronational side of things. Princess Cedrus is also a European Countess and was legally adopted by H.H. Gyula IV, Erdély Nagy Hercege, Őrgróf Kárpátia és Tyrol, Pátriárkája Magyarország és Czernowitz (1945-2016). Gyula IV's family lineages have a variety of fascinating people in it. The Hungarian Barons in the 1600s were fierce advocates for their country and later they were also Counts and Military Generals up to the 20th century. More famous family members included Count Ignác Gyulai who lived in the 18th century and was a famous Count and General. Then there is also Ferenc Gyulai de Marosnémethi et Nádaska who died in 1869 who was also a famous General of the family. In another lineage there was Countess Ilona Edelsheim-Gyulai (1918-2013) who was the daughter of Count Lipót Edelsheim-Gyulai.

He was recognized by Hungarian and Austrian nobility as well as various other Royal Houses as one of the Royal lines from this Dacian region including the Imperial Rurikovich Family, the House of Savoy, and the the House of Bourbon. On her mother's side she a descendant from the Brandenburg Hohenzollern Princes, who ruled the Margraviate of Brandenburg, through the marriage of her great, grandmother Margaret Brandenburg to John Lewis Frank. In other lineages it goes back to English and Irish Royalty and Nobility. She has about 10 Knighthoods from Royalty all over the world and some of those ennoble the person at the rank she holds as well. She currently does not accept any new Knighthoods.

The Princess's Position on Issues
The Princess dislikes the modern world, the modern political structure, the veneration of Republics, and electing rulers. So, she created the Principality of the Northern Forests with the plan to walk into the forests and leave the modern world behind permanently, far away from civilization. She believes in equality before the law irrespective of who or what a person is. She believes in absolute justice for victims of crime, that the world has no place for violent criminals in any capacity, and that we should take care of the environment without destroying everything in our human wake. The Princess believes everyone has fundamental civil rights that are inalienable such as the right to free non-hostile, non-threatening speech, the right to petition the Royal Family for grievances, and the right to justice.  She believes that everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness in life so long as that happiness does not violate the law and does not infringe upon the rights of others.

The Princess has an absolute abhorrence to crime and violence and as a result of this, the Principality has a zero tolerance policy on violent crimes so it's best to leave the criminal tendencies at the border or you will find yourself arrested, detained and 'removed' from the Principality of the Northern forests - violently if necessary. All Royal Guards are ex military and possess common law arrest powers thus, they have the legal authority, even under the host country, to arrest you, detain you, and remove you. She believes in securing our borders, limiting visitors and spectators and making sure we have a safe, prosperous country that will last the test of time. The Princess believes in individual privacy, the right to water, access to food opportunities, housing, and safety. All of these are, in the Princesses Royal Opinion, fundamental human rights.