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H.R.H. The Princess of Porsildii

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Princess Cerrina of Porsildii was born in Ensenada, Baja, United Mexican States in 1999, the same year Mohammed VI of Morocco becomes king upon the death of his father Hassan II. She was raised near the mountains, ocean and evergreen forests surrounded her on all sides. She spent a lot of her childhood learning multiple languages and playing multiple instruments, like the violin. 


She currently does not live in the Principality of the Northern Forests and has no intention of living full-time there while she attends college. She is a tri-citizen of the United States, Mexico, and the Principality of the Northern Forests.

She was finally granted U.S. Citizenship in 2014 and is not very impressed with the extensive proverbial "red tape" that has negative consequences during her early life. She enjoys Asian cultures, traveling, meeting new people, and experiences places she has never been. She has many aspirations in life including earning multiple degrees.

Family Ancestry

The Princess's family ancestry is a long and interesting tale. Half of her ancestors can all be traced back to the Duchy of Normandy prior tot he Conquest of England in 1066.  A few centuries later, her Norman Ancestors went to Ireland in the late 12th century and stayed for hundreds of years. She has only one noble lineage that procreated with the Irish inhabitants in the O'Carroll and Kavanaugh lines thus, making her a Cianachta member under the O'Carroll of Éile O'Carroll lineage.  From both parents her lineages trace back to the Kingdom of Prussia.



She received her General Education Diploma from Lane County Community College in the state of Oregon in 2016 and is currently studying Psychology at Fresno City College in Fresno, California, United States. She can speak four languages: English, German, Korean and Simplified Chinese. She enjoys learning about the mind and studying psychology and sociology. She likes spending time in the forests and in the mountains hiking as well as gardening. She is a great dancer and plays the violin.

The Princess's Position on Issues

Like the rest of the Princely Family, the Princess dislikes the modern political structure, the veneration of Republics, and electing rulers. She believes in equality before the law irrespective of who or what a person is. She believes in absolute justice for victims of crime, that the world has no place for violent criminals in any capacity, and that we should take care of the environment without destroying everything in our human wake. The Princess believes everyone has fundamental civil rights that are inalienable such as the right to free non-hostile, non-threatening speech, the right to petition the Royal Family for grievances, and the right to justice. 

She believes that everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness in life so long as that happiness does not violate the law and does not infringe upon the rights of others. She believes in harsh, swift punishment for law violations, and that people should be kind, generous, and understanding of one another to make the world a better place. She believe in the noble virtues such as honesty, integrity, and humility.

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