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Principality FAQs

Q. Is the Principality of the Northern Forests a Real Country?
A. Yes. The Principality of the Northern Forests is as a sovereign, independent nation near the Arctic Circle in North America. It exists as a state within a state, much like the various Native American Nations such as the Lakota on Pine Ridge Reservation. We exercise sovereignty over our own territory, and have our own laws, customs, courts, currency, government, and land. What is and is not a "country" is really decided by those who are a part of the social contract for that country.

Q. Is the Principality of the Northern Forests a Real Place?
A. Yes. The Principality of the Northern Forests covers an area of real land the Northern Forests Flag flies daily over this land, and in all Principality Outposts. Every Duchy or settlement has its own Coat of Arms and Flag. We have high visibility border signs that are visible at night as well. 


Q. What makes the Principality of the Northern Forests different from other Micronations?

A. We have real land, a real village, statutory laws, a court system, government structure, a Royal Family, national honours, holidays, traditions, and we comebine what we subjectively feel are the best parts of the medieval and modern world with most of the focus on the medieval world. We are all Monarchists, Royalists, love our Royal Family and are fiercely defensive of our country. We value things like honour, loyalty, commitment, hard work, kindness, and compassion. These things have become increasingly rare in the modern world of late.

Q. Where are the government offices located?
A. They are located in the Duchy of Topaz, which is a Principality Outposts in the Midwestern United States. You can find out more about the Duchy of Topaz on our Wiki site.

Q. Are Northerners Racist White People?
A. No, we are simply a group of like minded people who desire to live amongst the forests like human beings did for millions of years until recently in our species history. We are simply not meant to live in concrete jungles as stress balls 24/7.

Q. Are Northerners anti-government extremists?
A. No, that is an absurd and completely untrue statement. We happen to disagree with any government that is not Monarchical in nature and does not have Hereditary leadership. Frankly, we do not care what the inferior republican government of the United States, or any other State, does so long as they leave us alone.

Q. Can I come live in the Principality and be a Subject of the Princess? 

A. Yes. You must go through a series of interviews, background checks, and sign a large amount of legal paperwork, but yes, you can come live in the Principality if you meet all the requirements.  However, there are population controls in place so only a certain number of people are allowed to live full-time in the Principality of the Northern Forests. When more land is added and other settlements are made that number will increase.

Q. Can I come visit the Principality of the Northern Forests?

A. Generally yes, but it has to be scheduled and its only available during the Summer months or you will be arrested, detained, and deported back to the host country and may face criminal charges as well. Royal Guards routinely patrol the borders of the Principality 365 days a year.

Q. Are the buildings in the Principality of the Northern Forests real medieval buildings?
A. Yes they are! In fact, many of them are made using only medieval methods and tools and they are designed to be lived in and used in the same way medieval buildings were used and lived in. There are real people who live full-time (i.e., 365 days a year) in the houses.

Q. Do you have to pay property taxes?
A. No. We do not pay property taxes in the Principality of the Northern Forests and we have no building restrictions so the United States and the State of Alaska (what we call the 'host nation') simply leave us alone to our own devices. The Principality Outposts contribute an equivalent amount of Foreign Aid to the United States, to help support their nation. They need it - have you seen their roads?

Q. Do you sell titles of nobility or knighthoods?
A. Absolutely not! The Principality of the Northern Forests will never sell any titles of Nobility or Knighthoods. Nobility and Knighthoods are heavily regulated by the Princess of the Northern Forests. These are honours and only those most loyal and honourable will be allowed to hold a title issued by the Princess of the Northern Forests.

Q. Why does the Royal Family disliked Republics or elected officials?

A. Because there is no evidence that electing a ruler actually produces a better ruler. There has been more death, destruction, hate, violence, injustice, genocides, discrimination, and corruption at the hands of republics and elected officials in the last 150 years than in all the Monarchies in all of human history combined. That fact speaks for itself in this regard.

Q. How Does My Government Open Diplomatic Relations With the Principality of the Northern Forests?
A. You can use virtually every available means of communication, but regular post is preferred by the Princess. As a rule, if you do not have a Monarchical form of government  then you should not bother attempting to communicate with the Princess of the Northern Forests.

Q. Are you Christians?
A. No, we follow the old Gods and Goddesses from Norse and Celtic paganism. However, there is freedom of religion in the Principality of the Northern Forests, but we do not take kindly to others trying to force their beliefs upon us.

Q. Do you have LGBT rights?
A. We have a zero tolerance policy on crime and discriminating against people in the LGBT group in any capacity. Equality before the law is a fundamental civil right in the Principality of the Northern Forests. That means women are equal to men, transgender women are woman, and lesbian relationships have all the rights and privilege's as heterosexual couples. If you have a problem with this then we want nothing to do with you.

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