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The Monarchy

Princess Cedrus

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Grand Duchess Isabella

Princess Cerrina

Prince Zackery

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There are many different types of government in the world today. In the Principality of the Northern Forests We are a constitutional Monarchy. That means we have a hereditary Royal Family where ruling responsibilities are handed down to the first born child and if they abdicate, the next child in the lineage. It allows for certainty regarding who will rule and generally when that happens instead of being a mystery like what transpires in Republics. In a Monarchy the rulers children learn at a young age how to rule and manage a country. They all  attend the best schools and attain the best educations because their whole life is service to their country, to their people. Unlike popular elected leaders they learn how to make the hard choices and do what is right in the best interest of their subjects instead of doing what is most popular or what will help keep them in their elected office.

In many Constitutional Monarchies expansive executive powers are vested in the Monarch. In much larger Monarchies much of that executive power is delegated to various "Ministers" who head various named "Ministries" but the ruling Monarch never actually relinquished that power or responsibility. For example, In the United Kingdom the Prime Minister has an immense amount of executive power, but they only have that power at the pleasure of the ruling Monarch. At any time the ruling Monarch can simply get rid of the Prime Minister and manage that power themselves however they desire. When they have not used that authority in a very long time many people call them "figureheads" because they do not understand how Royal authority really works. Even still, many Monarchs only engage in cerimonial duties and leave much of the administration to those delegated by the Monarch to handle those duties.

A Monarch may have many different titles be it a Queen, Princess, Empress, or even a Tsaritsa. There have been many other wonderful titles used to described the hereditary leader throughout history. The Princess of the Northern Forests is the title of the hereditary ruler of the Principality of the Northern Forests and the person who will take Her place when She dies or abdicates is her son, the Prince of Amabilis. In Our system the reigning Monarch can designate whomever She desires to be Her Heir, but short of a Royal Proclamation then it falls to the next in line to the Arctic Throne - the Prince of Amabilis. When that Heir is selected We call them a Crown Prince or Princess, so the official titles of the Heir to the Arctic Throne is the Crown Prince of Amabilis. 

Royal Titles:
Royal Titles in the Principality of the Northern Forests take their designation from trees. For example, the Prince of Amabilis refers to the Abies Amabilis tree or common name: Pacific Silver Fir. The Princess takes her Regnal name from the Cedar tree: Cedrus and does not use her birth forename.

The Princely House

There are many names associated with the Royal Family. The Princely House of Cedrus is synonymous with the Royal Family of the Northern Forests, the Princely House of the Northern Forests, the Northerner Royal Family and the Royal House of the Northern Forests and many other variations. They are all one and the same and refer to the same people. The most common is the Royal Family of the Northern Forests. A "Royal Family" is the immediate family of a ruling Monarch, or in Our case, the immediate family of the Princess of the Northern Forests. The Princess can also extend who is part of the Royal Family to Her extended family at her discretion. However, in common parlance members of any family which reigns by hereditary right are often referred to as Royalty or "Royals." It is also customary in some circles to refer to the extended relations of a deposed monarch and his or her descendants as a Royal Family.

A dynasty is sometimes referred to as "the House of ..." as in: the House of Cedrus or House of the Northern Forests.  Those members who are entitled to the style His or Her Royal Highness (HRH) are normally considered members, including those so styled before the beginning of the any given Prince or Princess's reign. By this criterion, a list of the current Royal Family will usually include the current reigning monarch, the children and grandchildren of the monarch and previous monarchs, the children of the eldest Heir to the Arctic Throne, and all of their current or widowed spouses. Some members of the Royal Family have official residences named as the places from which announcements are made in the Court Circular about official engagements they have carried out.


Public Role
The Princely Family of the Northern Forests support HRH Princess Cedrus in her state and national duties. Each year the family "carries out various official engagements throughout the Principalities lands and worldwide". Engagements include state funerals, national festivities, garden parties, receptions, as well as receiving foreign diplomats. Members of the Royal Family sometimes have their own individual charities. HRH Princess Cedrus regularly helps African Traditional Kingdoms with monetary assistance, especially for those Kingdom's children and educational needs.


Role in Government

The Principality of the Northern Forests' government is based on the principles of Feudalism and Monarchy, in which power is exercised in the Princess's Name and under her Authority. The Princess of the Northern Forests exercises expansive powers. Under the ideals of Feudalism, everyone has a purpose, a job, and a function in society where any type of criminality is abhorred and punished with extreme prejudice usually ending in complete banishment. There are no popular elected positions in the government and no political parties. 


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