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The Government

Principality of the Northern Forests Constitution of 2020

The Principality of the Northern Forests is a free and Sovereign Principality, governed by "cooperative feudal norms”. Currently, the Princess of the Northern Forests rules as the hereditary Monarch with the aide of the Folketinget. The first Constitution of the Principality of the Northern Forests was drafted and signed by the Princess of the Northern Forests on 01 January 2020 outlining legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government. Since the country is small and sparsely populated there is no need for the complexity of various "Departments" or "Ministries" as one would see in larger countries and such things are really unnecessary. The current constitution can be downloaded using the button above.

Executive Branch

The Princely family is the executive branch of government with the Princess of the Northern Forests being head of the Princely family.

Law Enforcement

All law enforcement activities fall under the executive branch of government and is administered in the Princess's name by her Royal Guards whom answer solely to the Princess.

Legislative & Judicial Branches

Both legislative and judicial matters are handled by the "Folketinget." The Folketinget is synonymous with the "Ting" which is composed of the hereditary Nobility of the Principality and presided over by the Lawspeaker. The Lawspeaker is appointed by the Princess. The Folketinget handles disputes, law violations, and any other legislative or judicial matters that needs to be addressed. However, and worth noting here, the Princess is the final arbitrator on all judicial, as well as, legislative matters.

Political Spectrum

Northerners tend to be more liberal due to their alignment with Norse Paganism.  The Principality rules on the notion of equality before the law and human rights for all its subjects. With that in consideration, all politician parties are banned in the Principality as they serve no real purpose.