The Most Illustrious Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests Transparent.png

The Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests is the highest Order in the Principality of the Northern Forests. There is no courtesy titles for the lawful spouse or children of a member of the Order. The Order uses the title of Grand Skutilsvein from the old Norse system of Nobility which is the equivalent of the post-Viking age title of Grand Cross or Grand Cordon.


Ranks of the Order
There are three ranks in the Order. The Order may be granted as a hereditary award or as a non-hereditary honour. In most cases it is granted for the life of the recipient. If it is a hereditary award it will only be stated in the Letters Patent. The rank advancements include:

  • Grand Skutilsvein

  • Dame/Knight Commander

  • Dame/Knight

Requirements for Admission

Admission into the Order is by invitation only. 

Disqualification from the Order

The Princely Family will not honour those who are involved in any blatantly dishonourable or sarcastic self-styled orders of chivalry or who claim absurd Noble, Royal, or academic titles that cannot be establish as real, genuine, and authentic.  Thus, if you claim absurd titles such as the "Baroness of the Backyard", or having a PhD in Hard Knocks then you will not be honoured with admission to the order.


Be advised that at some time in the process, a candidate making a claim to some public honour may be asked to present further substantiation than is required on the application, discard a questionable or counterfeit claim, or have his or her petition rejected. 


Those who have received an invitation to join the order are required to have a legally acquired Coat of Arms. These Coats of Arms may be granted, matriculated or assumed so long as they follow the general rules of Heraldry.