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H.R.H. Grand Duchess Isabella of Deodara
2020 - 2022


Grand Duchess Isabella of Deodara was born in 1979, the same year that the remains of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and some of the Romanovs are discovered and exhumed near Sverdlovs. She was raised near the ocean with cool breezes, mild winters, and hot summers. She spent Her summers wandering about beaches shifting through the sand, looking for minerals and stones she would keep in Her pockets. Her love of the mountains, minerals and gemstones lead her to spend a great deal of time rock hunting in the deserts, mountains and by the ocean. 

She loved to travel and there were still numerous places She wanted to visit and experience. The Grand Duchess spent time at University studying microbiology and spoke English fluently while learning the French language. She praised the Goddesses everyday, thanking Them for the beautiful world She lived in. In Her spare time She enjoyed playing the Violin, the Celtic Lyre, and the Irish Tin Flute. She was learned in geological mineralogy and spent a great deal of time in the mountains, at riverbeds, and in deserts recovering stones and gems from the Earth 


The Grand Duchess of Deodara attended junior college where She pursued an Associate of Arts in Business Administration. The Grand Duchess then attended University where She adamantly studied the Microbiology. She worked as a Microbiologist for many years whilst living in the United States. Her mother tongue was English and she spoke French effortlessly.

Family History

On the Macronational side of things, Grand Duchess Isabella was also a Dame in various Royal Orders of Knighthood. Her mother's side of her family immigrated to the United States from the Kingdom of Hungary during the 1950s after the end of World War II to try to rebuild their lives. She is a third generation Hungarian in North America.  Her father's side also came from the Kingdom of Hungary and Czechoslovakia make her almost exclusively Hungarian.


The Grand Duchess's Position on Issues
Like the Princess of the Northern Forests, the Grand Duchess dislikes the modern world, the modern political structure, the veneration of Republics, and electing rulers. She was also a co-signer of the Declaration of Independence of the Principality of the Northern Forests. She had an adamant abhorrence for criminal activity and believed that most criminals should face the death penalty for their heinous acts, such as any perpetrators of sex crimes.


The Grand Duchess believed everyone has fundamental civil rights that are inalienable such as the right to free non-hostile, non-threatening speech, the right to petition the Royal Family for grievances, and the right to justice.  She believed that everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness in life so long as that happiness does not violate the law and does not infringe upon the rights of others. The Grand Duchess believed in individual privacy, the right to water, access to food opportunities, housing, and safety. All of these were, in the Grand Duchess's Opinion, fundamental human rights. On 03 December 2022 the Grand Duchess of Deodara ceased to exist.

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