Royal Guards


Royal Guards have numerous important functions in the Principality of the Northern Forests. The most important job function is guarding the Royal Family. They also act as law enforcement, border patrol, and customs agents. They investigate crimes, arrest people who unlawfully cross the border, liaison with the host country's law enforcement to deport criminals. It is not uncommon for the Princess of the Northern Forests to seek counsel with Royal Guards. They are hand picked Knights and Dames from the Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests. 

Generally, there will always be a Royal Guard that accompanies the Princess of the Northern Forests no matter where she goes unless she commands them to remain behind. Royal Guards wear a variety of plate, leather, and chainmail armor, carry a 14th century arming or Viking sword, various knives, daggers, or axes.  They are disciplined in hand-to-hand combat, military tactics, and follow the Princess command without question in all circumstances. They are loyal, fair, and honourable soldiers. Their attire does not change upon entering the Modern world so expect to see them accompany the Princess everywhere she ventures forth to.

Captain of the Royal Guard