The Law of Arms

Descent of a Coat of Arms

The descent of arms in Principality of the Northern Forests is determined by the laws of arms, which allow transmission through both the female and male lines. The arms of a woman or man pass equally to all  their legitimate children, irrespective of their order of birth. Cadency marks may be used to identify the arms of all children. The Principality of the Northern Forests uses its own, unique system of Cadency.  Cadency Marks are small symbols that are painted on the shield, usually in a contrasting tincture at the top. 

Coat of Arms of Women

The College of Arms of the Northern Forests does not differentiate between males or females with the exception of Cadency Marks. Unlike the English tradition of using a lozenge, oval, or diamond shape, all women in the Principality of the Northern Forests are entitled to use all the elements of their male counterparts. Some people may desire the use of a lozenge and must petition the Prince of Arms of the Northern Forests specifically for this features as it is not in common use in Northern Forest Heraldry. 

The Control of  a Coat of Arms

Armorial Bearings in the Principality of the Northern Forests derive from the Crown as the fount of honour. Control is delegated to the Prince of Arms, or senior heralds. They interpret the laws and conventions of arms, and are empowered to grant arms in the name of The Sovereign Princess. 

Disputes of Heraldry

The Princess's Court has jurisdiction over cases of misuse of arms.