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H.R.H. Crown Prince Zaclery of Amabilis


H.R.H. Crown Prince Zackery of Amabilis was born on 14 December 2004. He spent the first part of his life far away from any large cities and surrounded by mountains, forests and countless water bodies.  He enjoys spending a great deal of time by himself and left to his own thoughts. He currently has no political or musical aspirations at this time. He has been learning military leadership and tactics since he was 10 years of age.  On his 14th birthday in 2018, in the ancient traditions of Knighthood, he became a Squire in an Eastern European Order of Knighthood and learned a great deal about horsemanship, archery, military tactics, leadership and swordsmanship.

In 2023 he was Knighted by H.R.H. Princess Cedrus of the Northern Forests as a Knight in the Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests. He is the Crown Prince of the Principality of the Northern Forests and Heir to the Arctic Throne upon the Princess's death. His favourite medieval weapon is the longbow and short spear. He loves spending a great deal of time out in the forests amongst all the wonders nature has to offer. In 2023 he started engaging in some of his royal duties and obligations.


The Prince has been attending High School from 2020-2024. He does not have any upper education desires at this time, but does favour the sciences and natural arts - if you will. He wishes to focus on skills necessary to live, survive and rule the Principality of the Northern Forests. 


Family History

For expository simplicity, on the the Prince's matrilineal side he is a direct descendent of House Brandenburg-Schwedt which is a cadet branch of House Hohenzollern; who are all Prussian Princes, through the marriage of His great, great grandmother Margaret Brandenburg-Schwedt.  He is mostly Hungarian through his other parent's lineages.

The Prince's Position on Issues

The Prince also hold's the Princess's position on the modern world, the modern political structure, the veneration of Republics, and electing rulers. He believes anything outside of hereditary leadership is inferior with very few exceptions because he feels elected rulers engage in questionable and corrupt behaviors in order to secure their positions and exploit anything in order to gain favour whilst lining their pockets. The prince believes in equality before the law irrespective of who or what a person is. He believes that everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness in life so long as that happiness does not violate the law and does not infringe upon the rights of others.


The Prince also has an absolute abhorrence to crime and violence and does not want people with such histories polluting the social structure of the Principality.  The Prince is an advocate for animals rights and that as hunters We should honour, respect, and pray for the animals we hunt, process and kill to survive - unlike the modern world.

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