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Diplomatic Relations

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Official Principality Holidays

Honourary Consular Corps

The Principality does not recognize any illegitimate governments such as those which replaced Sovereign Monarchies; especially those in the last 125 years. Examples include, but are not limited to, France, Portugal, Brazil, Nepal, Croatia, Serbia and especially Albania since the referendum of 1997 was in favor of the Monarchy, but the illegitimate Republic of Albania has not relinquished control. The Principality does not consider Non-Monarchical governments to be legitimate and tries to refrain from interaction with Republican governments.  The Princess considers all Republics kakistocracies.

Recognition of Other Nations

In order to be recognized by Our government, other Nations need to have taken substantial steps towards real independence. The Royal Family will rarely - if ever - officially recognize any other State or Nation that are not in some way legitimate. The following four basic criteria must be met before We will consider any type of recognition. 

  • The country in question must have a legitimate claim to independence as outline by the United Nations. The Size of the country does not matter;

  • The country in question must have a legal right to all the land they claim in some capacity (e.g. they do not claim land owned by other people or another country unless those lands are legally disputed such as those occupied by the Republic of Liberia - except it is a Republic and We do not like dealing with Republics);

  • The country in question must have a Monarchical structure to its government;

  • The country in question must have permanent citizens that live inside the borders of the country which do not include the ruling family.


The Principality of the Northern Forests rejects and is abhorred by people claiming Bir Tawil as their country. The rightful owners are the Ababda tribe which has claimed Bir Tawil as their nomadic territory where they have been for centuries. We will not entertain any claims from any people for this area unless it is directly from the Prince of the Ababda Tribe. We also reject the idea of “sovereign citizens.”

A micronation is generally an entity that resembles a country that usually only exists on the Internet or paper and many have absurd claims or gimmicks that are typically not taken very serious (even by their creators). As such, the Principality of the Northern Forests does not generally engage in relations with Micronations. Many are misleading and may emulate nations/states but have no real intention of being an international Sovereign State or they mock and make fun of real systems of government.

We ask that “micronations” please refrain from contacting Us unless you meet, or will meet, the criteria listed above. Be advised that even if the micronation meets the above listed criteria it is extremely doubtful that any relations of any type will take place, but it is possible.  The Royal Family of the Northern Forests will rarely grant any type of recognition to Micronations.

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