The College of Heraldic Arms

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Personal Heraldic Arms

The College of Arms is the official heraldic authority for the Principality of the Northern Forests and all Northern Forests outposts.  The College of Arms is responsible for the granting of new coats of arms, making a confirmation of existing arms, maintaining a register of arms, pedigrees, genealogies, Royal Licenses, changes of name, and flags. The heralds advise on all matters relating to the Nobility, precedence, honours and ceremonial as well as national and community symbols including flags.

Coats of Arms

A Coat of Arms belong to a specific person and their family. There is no such thing as a coat of arms for a family name. From their origins in the twelfth century to the present day arms have been borne by individuals as marks of  distinction and identification. They have also been used to denote other characteristics, which have changed over the centuries as society and culture have evolved. Coat of Arms are inherited, granted, matriculated, or assumed.

  • Inherited Coat of Arm: This means a person bares the Coat of Arms legally from someone who had a Coat of Arms previously. For example, the person's father died and that person now uses the Coat of Arms of their father without candacy marks. At some point these inherited Coat of Arms were granted by a government body somewhere by Letters Patent.

  • ​Granted Coat of Arms: This means an official Bureau of Heraldry has granted a Coat of Arms to a specific person. For example, the Chief Herald of Ireland grants a Coat of Arms to you specifically. These can be inherited by a person's descendants.

  • Matriculated Coat of Arms: This means that a Coat of Arms are re-recorded in your name from one of your ancestor’s, either with a small difference or without if the person is a true heir. Basically, an ancestor of yours who bore the same surname had a Coat of Arms granted to them and there is currently nobody legally using them so you can petition the government to have those Coat of Arms Matriculated into your name.

  • Assumed Coat of Arms: This means you have a Coat of Arms that you simply assumed. Many assumed Coat of Arms are fraudulent and the person has no right to bare those arms legally. The legal way to assume a Coat of Arms is to have a Professional Heraldic Artist design one, but few people take this route and instead illegally assume a Coat of Arms that is not there own. 

Northern Forests Heraldry deviates from traditional heraldry as we have Our own system to distinguish rank, symbolism, and contributions to society which may be greatly different from heraldic traditions. in other countries.



The Princess's Herald are in charge of confirming, designing, and creating any Coat of Arms for subjects of the Princess of the Northern Forests. The confirming, designing, creating and registering a Coat of Arms takes a great deal of time. Time from petition to registration may take up to 6 months or more. The Princess's Heralds charge a nominal fee for this service which varies between $125 and $375 USD depending on the totality of circumstances, the complexity and time spent on the process. Please contact us through our Facebook page with any questions you may have.