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Coronavirus Information

During Covid-19 in Principality of the Northern Forest, the Princess's government has presented many different measures in several areas to fight the coronavirus. Independent expert government agencies make recommendations, the government makes decisions. The decisions have all aimed to:

  • limit the spread of infection in the country

  • limit the impact on critical services

  • mitigate the effects on people

  • ease concern, for example by providing information.

The Principality’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been about taking the right measures at the right time, because different measures have been deemed effective at different points in time. The country’s response has been partly based on voluntary action. For example, rather than enforce a nationwide lockdown, the Royal Family gave recommendations: to stay home if you've got symptoms, to keep a distance to others, to avoid travel to the host nation if possible, etc.


Certain advice and recommendations are in place:

  • Everyone aged 12 and older should be vaccinated against Covid-19, but it is an individual choice.

  • Stay home and avoid contact with others if you have symptoms that may be Covid-19.

  • Adults who have not been vaccinated should avoid congestion and large crowds indoors.

  • Everyone should wear surgical masks when around other people. Covid-19 is primarily spread through breathing droplets in through the nose and mouth. Having these orifices covered negates the possibility of transmission through that route.

Be advised that there are heavy restrictions on entry to the Principality of the Northern Forests from any countries. Please see "visiting the principality" for more information on coming to the Principality. 

The Principle of Responsibility

In the Principality of the Northern forests, crisis management is built on the principle of responsibility. This means that the government agency responsible for a particular matter under normal circumstances is also responsible for that matter in a crisis situation.

In the Principality, independent expert international agencies have been giving the government advice about which measures were needed to limit the spread of Covid-19 and combat the effects of the spread of infection in the community. The government has then made the decisions. These agencies can also make certain independent decisions concerning infection control.

Trust in the Government

In Northern society there is, in general, a relatively strong trust in the government. The general public and private actors tend to follow the advice of the government because unlike governments under a republican model, the Royal Family has a stake in every aspect of Northerner life.

Schools during Covid-19 in the Northern Forests

Most children in the Principality 6- to 16-year-olds have stayed open during the pandemic, with a few exceptions. Most children are either home schooled or attend a school in the host nation and must follow the rules and policies of those host nation schools.

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