Royal Orders of Knighthood


The Principality of the Northern Forests has two Royal Orders of Knighthood. The highest Order in the Realm is the Most Illustrious Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests and it is by invitation only. Thus, only a member of the Princely Family can extend an invitation to join this Royal Order and it is heavily regulated by the Princely Family. 


The lowest Order in the Realm is the Royal Order of Arctic Knights. This order virtually anyone can seek admission to so long as they meet the admission requirements and provide all the necessary documents to validate their claims. Sometimes having a Northern Noble sponsor you can increase your chances of being accepted into the Order.

Requirements for Admission

Admission into the Order is open to all persons of good will who exhibit honour, humility and integrity.  Considerations in selecting members are: demonstrated good character, documented accomplishments in life, and obvious commitment to the ideals of the Royal House. The Order invests membership upon only those men and women who deport themselves in an honorable and chivalrous manner, who will be committed to the Order´s values and precepts, and who are religiously neutral in thought. Even though the official religion of the Principality of the Northern Forests is Norse and Celtic paths, it is not forced upon anyone.


A candidate´s involvement in other charitable, military, and hereditary organizations are welcome to our Order. Not every person who offers a gift can be honored. The Nobility may recommend and sponsor people to the Order who have performed great service in support and shares our philanthropic works. In addition, any Noble, Royal, or academic honor they possess must be shown to be genuine. The evidence must be capable of being validated or confirmed by accurate and reliable facts. Ultimate approval is contingent on the Princess of the Northern Forests.


The Princely Family will not honor those who are involved in any blatantly dishonourable or sarcastic self-styled orders of chivalry or who claim absurd Noble, Royal, or academic titles that cannot be establish as real, genuine, and authentic.  Thus, if you claim absurd titles such as the "Baroness of the Backyard", or having a PhD in Hard Knocks, then please do not apply. At some point in the process, a candidate making a claim to some public honor may be asked to present further substantiation than is required on the application, discard a questionable or counterfeit claim, or have his or her petition rejected.


Your possible eligibility for nomination as Knight or Dame will be submitted to the Lady Chancellor who will advise you in writing of her decision. If you are approved, your application will be forwarded to the Princess of the Northern Forest for consideration.  Please download the application below and send it to the Duchy of Topaz if you are interested in our Orders. More information on our Royal Orders of Knighthood can be found on our official Wiki page. Please click the link to the right bottom of this page to be directed to that Wiki Project.