The Royal Household

The Royal Household

The Royal Household encompasses numerous positions of state from the Sovereign Princess to the Prince of Arms. It is synonymous with what other countries refer to as the Executive Branch of government.


The Princess of the Northern Forests
The role of sovereign is to serve as the Head of State and Government. The current Sovereign, HRH The Princess of the Northern Forests, currently retains many of the rights of an absolute monarch, including the personal power to enact laws, appoint members of government, and function as the judiciary. The role is hereditary, although Principality law dictates that the Sovereign may choose their successor. Through her Royal Prerogatives she can enact or overrule any governmental instances at her will.

The Grand Duchess

The role of the Grand Duchess is to Administer all the Duchies of the Principality of the Northern Forests and their respective lower administrative political units (e.g. a Barony). The title of Grand Duchess affords the person to be second only to the Princess and rules the Principality when the Princess is on holiday, sick, or incapacitated, but lacks the Princess's Royal Prerogatives. The Grand Duchess will also preside as Head of the House of Nobility during any sessions they may have throughout the year. The Grand Duchess will present the Princess with any potential bills for her approval.

The Prime Regent

The role of Prime Regent is a subordinate role of the Royal Household created to represent the citizens of the Principality. The Prime Regent manages all the Ministries of the Principality of the Northern Forests and is delegated the authority to appoint Ministers to head those Ministries. The Office of the Prime Regent and Grand Duchess are usually synonymous, but can be headed by two separate people. If the Office of the Grand Duchess and Prime Regent are separate offices then the Grand Duchess is responsible to appoint the Prime Regent from the Ordinary subjects of the Principality.

The Prince of Arms

The Prince of Arms of the Northern Forests is a Chief Herald of the College of Arms of the Northern Forests which is a Royal Governmental Organization of professional Officers of Arms, with jurisdiction over the Principality of the Northern Forests and all her present, or future, lands. The State Heralds are appointed by the HRH The Princess of the Northern Forests after recommendation by the Prince of Arms. The Prince of Arms is given the delegated authority to act on behalf of the Crown in all matters of Heraldry and the granting of new Coat of Arms, Standards, Banner of Arms, and Flags for Governmental and personal use. The Office was Founded by a Royal Charter on 16 March 2020 by HRH The Princess of the Northern Forests and is part of the Royal Household at the present time.