Official Religion of the Principality

Norse Paganism.jpg

The Official religion of the Principality of the Northern Forests is Norse and Celtic Paganism. While there is freedom of religion within the realm, we do not take kindly to having other religious beliefs forced upon us. Honourary and Non-Resident Citizens can be from any religious path there is be it Christian or Muslim, Taoist, Buddhist or whatever other path you take, just do not interfere with what we believe. All of our holidays and celebrations revolve around Norse and Celtic paganism. Only those who follow Norse and Celtic paths are allowed to be Resident Citizens and live in the Northern Village or any future settlement. The Principality has been very clear on who and what we are and why we do it.

Celtic paganism is polytheistic, meaning that are many deities, both Gods and Goddesses. It was the religious practices of the people commonly known as the Celts. Norse paganism refers to the religious beliefs and practices of pre-Christian Scandanavia, especially during the Viking era, of which there are a host of Gods and Goddesses. These two paths are similar in a lot of ways yet distinctly different. Many people follow parts of each and incorporate that into their lives. The Principality of the Northern Forests does not dictate a specific path those who follow the old Gods and Goddesses follow, just that they do.