Our History

Princess Cedrus I of the Northern Forest

The Principality of the Northern Forests is a medieval pre-14th century living cooperative deep in the Northern Forests of North America. It is not being created for educational purposes, to be put on display, or as a living museum. It is being created as an escape from the modern world so like minded people can live in peace and harmony with nature as we are meant to.  The modern world is filled with egoism, selfishness, discrimination, racism, hate, violence and control and we Northerners have no desire to stay a part of that type of system because we can do it better. Modern people lack honour, they lack integrity and people's word means virtually nothing in the modern world.


We are peaceful, we grow our own food, have our own water sources, make our own clothing, build our own houses and buildings, and have our own security force comprised of experienced military veterans. We follow the old Gods & Goddesses and believe in equality before the law, that everyone has a fundamental right to pursue peace & happiness no matter who or what they are. There is no discrimination against LGBT people in our borders. We are all Monarchists and we do not believe in Republics, Democracy or voting for arbitrary people to rule for a couple of years.

We love nature, the forests, and have a deep respect for what the Earth provides us. We hunt, fish, trap, preserve our own food, make leather, craft metal armor, and love life. In the distant future we desire to host pre-14th century style renaissance fairs and have a farmers market at the border of our lands so modern people can purchase fruits, vegetables, and hand crafted items during the Summers. Until that time, we desire to be left alone. Even though we are a medieval cooperative living environment, we still use some modern things due to the limitations of said modern world.

For example, with the lack of other medieval towns we have no means to trade our grains, fruits, vegetables or meats for other items and we are all not experts at everything in life so there must be exceptions. For us women, some of us still enjoy makeup and there are no vendors that sell medieval equivalents.  I cannot travel to the next medieval village to trade my beef for linen to make dresses or sail to another medieval country to trade our iron ore for coal. For expository simplicity, then, the best way to explain it is that we are 85% medieval and 15% modern.  Thus, you will see cell phones sometimes, you might hear music from a house, or even someone watching Netflix in their room late at night as you knock on their door, but it is not normal activity. There is electricity, but it comes entirely from solar and wind energy sources and is used mostly for freezers and fridges.

Principality of the Northern Forests Project

This project involves expanding our land coverage by purchasing neighboring, or close by, land and eventually building two other small villages. The purpose is to increase the feel of living in a 14th century world. The two small villages will have specialties only available in those villages. This will force people to have to travel to and from these places to acquire these goods or services. We want these to be within a days travel by foot. So, someone living in the Northern Village going to one of these places will be a two day journey roundtrip through the forests.

Be advised, we are not a circus show for your enjoyment, so any illegal entry will result in your arrest (forceful is needed), detention, and deportation back to the host country where criminal charges may be filed against you. Our Royal Guards have common law arrest powers and will use them. If you desire to visit the Principality of the Northern Forests it is best to schedule such as visit to avoid legal problems. We do not like unannounced visitors and deem them hostile combatants.