Basic Citizenship Application

Fill out the form below to be considered for Basic Citizenship in the Principality of the Northern Forests. The Certificate of Citizenship must be purchased in the Online Store for a fee and is printed on high quality government grade security paper and includes ink, foil & embossing stamps.


The Principality of the Northern Forests DOES NOT issue digital Certificates. Citizenship Certificates are sent using Postal Services only. 


If, at a later time, it is discovered that anything on this application is false your citizenship will be revoked and you will be placed on a DO NOT ENTER list for the Principality. Those with a criminal conviction for abusing women or children in any capacity need not apply. Those with violent criminal histories and convictions are generally not welcome unless those were in the defense of family, friends, or property. For example, if you murdered someone who abused your child then YOU ARE absolutely welcome here. You can always petition the Princess of the Northern Forests for a Confidential Exemption.

Basic Citizenship Application Form
Check Any Boxes that Apply to You. By check marking a box you agree that the statement IS TRUE.

Thanks for submitting for application for basic membership in the Principality of the Northern Forests! If all sections have been filled out correctly you will be getting an e-mail or message on Facebook!