Basic Citizenship Application

Fill out the form below to be considered for Basic Citizenship in the Principality of the Northern Forests. Before you apply please remember that Basic Citzens are people who simply want to call themselves a citizen of the Principality of the Northern Forests. They are members of Our Facebook groups and interact with other people in Our Northern Forests groups, but that is generally the extent of the involvement. The Certificate is printed on high quality government grade security paper and includes ink stamps, foils stamps, and embossing stamps. The Certificate of Citizenship must be purchased separately in Our online shop or by sending the government an e-mail to: until Our shop is open this Summer.

Basic Citizenship Application Form
Check Any Boxes that Apply to You.

Thanks for submitting for application for basic membership in the Principality of the Northern Forests! If all sections have been filled out correctly you will be getting an e-mail or message on Facebook!